Here some comments on rights for the webpage:

Currently Chris and Craig are registered and I have given them permissions to:

manage courses and publish articles in the blog:

To do this, you have to log in at and then to

  • manage courses:       
  • for this go into: Components > Seminar Manager  
  • publish articles in a blog:      
  • go into Content > Articles > Add New Article
  • your article needs a Title and some text which you can decorate with images, links....      
  • Make sure you select Blog as the Category (top left next to the editing field) if it is not marked as a blog, your article won't show      
  • now click Save      
  • Your Article will now show up in the blog. It will have the label 'unpublished' but you can see it. Currently only I have the rights to 'publish' the articles.....      

If you write something nice, I can use this Article as one of the pages on the website so it will be moved from the blog and have its own menu link.