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My name is Tom and I’m the club Coaching Officer. I organise most of the Personal Performance and Coaching Award assessments that go on through the club. I really enjoy all aspects of the club but get increasing pleasure from seeing others develop into skillful paddlers, coaches, leaders and active members of the club.

I am really keen to see the club being in a position to employ sessional coaches to put on activity programmes over the summer months – activities for young people and families that give a good grounding in paddle sports that provide the basis for further development.

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My name is Martin Meling. I was elected club chair in the summer 2016. I have been paddling since 1970.
I am very proud to be a member of Wansbeck Paddle Sports Club. The club is now well established thanks to the hard work and dedication of many of its members. I am keen to do what I can to ensure that the club continues to thrive and develop.
Paddling is a fantastic medium through which young people can grow and develop physically, mentally and socially. It can provide a life long sporting and/or recreational passion. At over 70yrs old I think I am testimony to that!
I love being on the water, whether in my sea kayak, open canoe and even occasionally my river kayak. To be able to help in a small way other people to experience the joys of paddling gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Hi there,

I'm Chris the Vice Chairman and Welfare Officer of the Club, it is always great to see so many people turning up on the wednesday night sessions during the summer and having a good time.

With the onset of autumn and winter it doesn't mean the club goes into hibernation, far from it.

The local rivers provide an exciting alternative to the flat water sessions and with continued coaching and practise, members are encouraged to continue their paddling throughout the year.

After all that's how I managed to improve my skills in kayak's, canoe's & sea Kayaks.

I look forward to meeting members both new & old on some of the up coming club events

best regards Chris Scott

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Membership officer - Currently Vacant

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PaddleAbility Officer

My name is Andrew and I am the club Paddleability lead. I fell into paddling by chance and got hooked, so much so that I became a coach. I am passionate about paddleability because I want to knock down barriers so we can all share the

enjoyment and benefits of paddling.


Club Secretary

Hi, I'm Julie,

I am the Club Secretary and an avid paddler. We have some very beautiful countryside which is quite breathtaking from river to loch to coastal waters. We have a diverse sport that has something for everyone. I particularly love open boats,  sea kayaks, and rafting.

From the quiet zen of still water to the adrenaline thrill of tumbling rapids and waves, paddling has it all. It is my pleasure to help our members on their paddling journey and I hope you all enjoy the ride.


my name is Björn. I am quite passionate about sea kayaking. A kayak is a wonderful way to get close to nature. One of my favorite places are of course the Farne Islands. On a good day, having seals swimming around your boat and thousands of birds above, this place can be truly magical.

I am also canoeing and tried myself in riverboats. I really enjoy coaching people who are interested in the sport and want to progress.