Here a trip I did on the 24th Sept 2013

Starting in Seahouses the plan was to paddle with the tide North to Lindisfarne, have there an extended lunch break and paddle back once the tide had turned.

On the way to Lindisfarne I had a large group of Gannets fishing just next to my boat and I saw 2 dolphins swimming by in the distance. With a following tide of about 2 knots I paddled with a speed of up to 6kn and reached Lindisfarne just 1h10min after I set off.

This was much quicker than I had expected, so I went for a short paddle up to some rocks just northeast of the island. As there were some more Gannets and dolphins just a short distance from me, I started against the tide towards the Farne Islands. I checked on my GPS what speed I was doing against the tide and found that I was still going at 3kn. I decided to continue and reached Longstone Island (outer Farne Islands) 2 hours later. By this time the tide had turned and started to flow south again, ideal for my way back to Seahouses. 

I had a short rest on Longstone and Inner Farne, but didn't want to stay too long to avoid having to go through the tideraces in the Staple sound and around Inner Farne at full flow.

Altogether a very beautiful and exciting trip.


South Shields:             

  6:59   13:17  19:21
   4.9m  1.2  4.7


Holy Island:

   6:18  12:11  18:40
   4.7  1.0  4.5


Inshore forecast:

Variable 3 or less, smooth occ. slight, Fog patches, occ. drizzle, moderate or good occ. very poor